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Niel is not content with simply fixing cars. His caring and involvement has led him to be involved in the community in many ways. He is active with the Chamber of Commerce, having held several positions including President. He coaches soccer for children of all ages and in 2008 helped put together and played in the Guinness Book of World Record's longest running (34 hour) soccer game! Not surprisingly, he is very passionate about soccer and plays up to six days a week as long as weather permits. 


Anyone who knows Niel has seen him with 'green drink' in hand. He is committed to health both physically and nutritionally. One of the reasons behind this is his brush with cancer back in 2008. The article below discusses his experience and his choice of holistic health over pharmaceuticals. Niel is always pleased to discuss his path and has guided many other people towards health choices that they might not have been aware of through the mainstream medical community.

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ANR Auto Sleepy Hollow Niel
ANR Auto Sleepy Hollow Niel
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